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The Blog - Secret Singing 

November 2018

Remember remember the...Guests will remember your wedding if you use surprise singing! Why I hear you ask? Well, most meals are pretty similar, its normally 3 courses and a wonderful room decorated amazingly, but what happens after an hour or so just before the puddings come out when everyone has run out of things to talk about? Singing Waiters happen, thats what! We burst into sing after the main meal is cleared and instantly inject atmosphere into the room, add this to the good vibes and happy emotions in the room and you have a winning formula! We aren't saying every wedding needs singing waiters, but if you want people to talk about it for years to come... then get in touch with us! 

June 2018

Okay, okay! Yes it's been a while, sorry we've been pretty busy! With 2018 shaping up to be the busiest yet, with over 300 events and weddings booked - we are so so happy. Did you know that all of our singers are fully TRAINED singers? Why is this important I hear you ask... Its because we don't want to just provide some fun at your wedding we want to provide quality singing. All of our singers have trained at some of the top music schools in the UK, meaning they know how to sing well, and aren't former pub and club singers... Now there's nothing wrong with that, but we think when you want the 'best' you need to pick someone who has trained and learnt their craft in the best possible way. Our reviews speak for themselves....

This year marks our 9th year as 'Singing Waiters' and we have loved every minute of it! With that in mind, and because we have so many stories we thought we would start a blog! We will compile stories, both from the clients and also from our singers about the last 9 years, and boy do we have some great stories to tell... But for now we will leave you with 132 reasons why you should chose us: 

11 Jan 2018

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