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The Set Up: 


Once you have booked us, we will speak directly with the venue and find

out what their staff wear, to make sure we are in the correct uniform.

We will then arrive at least 2 hours before your guests do to make

sure we have plenty of time to set up and sound check. We use only

'state of the art' equipment so you have nothing to worry about . We get to the venue before you and your guests to set this up!



The Waiting On:


Unlike other 'waiters that sing' we try and get as

hands-on as the venue will allow. We will place food down,

pour water, and generally interact with the guests.

The more we do, the more convincing we are as waiters!

Our show is designed to take place during the desserts so

there is no need to change any timings for us, our show will work

around your event. 




The Start of the Show!


So it's just before desserts are served and there is a bit of a lull in the room,

which is where we step in... We can do the reveal in what ever way you want!

We can drop a tray, have an argument, or announce that it is our last

day, all of which are tried and tested ways of getting into the show.

We then burst out into song, songs that YOU CHOOSE, from Opera,

Musical Theatre, Pop and everything in between! We then sing up to 8 songs

that you have chosen (usually lasting 35 - 45 mins) and finish with a napkin waving finale!

We GUARANTEE to have your guests smiling and joining in, or your money back!

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